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Getting Started

Click here to start a workspace:

Open in Gitpod

It will take about 10-15 minutes. You can watch the progress in the terminal that automatically opens.

Your Development Site

To get the URL for your development site, in a new terminal, type:

gp url 8080

Once lila is running, your dev site will be available. You can check the status on the PORTS tab above your terminal.

Test accounts

Your database is preloaded with a number of test accounts:

admin    /  password   ROLE_ADMIN
bobby    /  password
mary     /  password

To see all other test accounts (admins, titled accounts, flagged accounts, bots, etc):

docker compose run --rm python python /scripts/

Stopping Your Workspace

Done for the day or make a mistake and want to start over? No problem.

gp stop

Or just leave it and it'll shut down when it's been idle for 30 minutes.