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API Testing

Consider using a lila-gitpod workspace while you develop your API integration before pointing to the production

  • Avoid getting rate-limited
  • Don't worry about messing anything up
  • If developing a bot, keep test games out of your bot's game history


  1. Create your workspace
  2. Make port 8080 public, so you can access it from the client.

Bot Development

  1. Create an account for your bot
  2. Point your bot to use your workspace's development site instead of

    Using lichess-bot

    If you're using the lichess-bot project, set the url value in config.yml to your development site.

Client Development

If you're using the Lichess berserk Python client, you can point it to your workspace's development site instead of

import berserk

client = berserk.Client(base_url="")

profile = client.users.get_by_id('bobby')